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LPGS Login Page


Please only use Internet Explorer if possible 
other Browsers are not fully compatible with Frog
  • Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows staff and students to login from any computer with internet connection. It gives access to learning resources, e-mail, attendance, news and notices plus their own files.
LPGS Cloud Services
  • We have now launched our LPGS Remote desktop to provide students and staff access to school applications including Microsoft Office, Email and Adobe CS5.

  • Please install using the instructions below, choosing the option applicable to your home device.

    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Mac users

  • It is intended that LPGS Cloud Services will replace Secure gateway by the end of Summer Term 2014 and would encourage users to familiarise themselves with the new remote desktop as soon as possible.
Please notify ICT Support if you have any problems with either Frog or LPGS Cloud Services.

Don't forget to check your emails for replies.

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